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Anonymous said: Thanks for answering. Freelance is the direction I'd like to go in also. I'm working towards finishing an Illustration degree right now and I'm a little concerned about entering the world of freelance. I'm not expecting to make a fortune or anything, but how many projects have you gotten, sayyy, in the last six months or so? What's your clientele like and what do they ask for? Do you have any examples of your professional work? Oh and happy Thanksgiving, handsome.

No worries, and that’s great that you’re looking into freelancing. It can be scary when you start out. I’ve only been doing it for about a year, so still pretty new to it myself.

I’ve been focusing on my portfolio a lot the past few months. Usually the work I get is in graphic design. I do invitations, and other design elements for private parties, etc. I actually fell into it by accident, and am gearing my portfolio more towards fantasy illustration now, since that’s ideally what I want to do. I also get some work doing tattoo designs, so freelancing has me working in a few different areas at the moment. Because of that I don’t really have much of my professional work posted online, just the work I want people to see/stuff I want to get work from.

I also don’t freelance full time, yet. I’ve worked a couple of part time jobs on the side, for when projects are running dry, or I need time to work on the portfolio. Usually this is the way to go when you’re starting out. It could take a couple of years before you’re in a position to freelance full time, and in the field you want, but it’s different for everyone, some people get really lucky. 

But if it’s something you’re passionate about, the work you have to put in is worth it. Since I’m still pretty new to it myself, I’m not the best person to give advice on the subject, but I can point you in the right direction. Check out theartoffreelancing.com it’s a 5 hour lecture by Noah Bradley, he’s an incredible illustrator and really knows his stuff. In the lecture he covers pretty much all the bases of freelancing and anything you’d need to know getting started. He talks mostly about illustration, but for anyone else reading this that wants to get into freelancing, this is really a great guide in general.

it costs $57 but there’s a 30 minute preview where can check it out before you buy. I’ve bought it and can tell you that’s it’s more than worth it. Id’ve paid double that price for the information he gives.

There’s also some great blogs/streams/podcasts you can check out for free. freelancefolder.com has a bunch of guides and tips for freelancing. illustrationage.com is a great blog with free podcasts on illustration, awesomehorsestudios.com is a free educational illustration livestream with some great illustrators, I think they have new episodes every wednesday and most of the old ones are available to stream for free.

I could go on and on about all the resources out there for freelancers, but those are a few of my favorites that help me out a lot. Hopefully this helps you as well, and good luck with freelancing, if you put in the work anyone can do it. And happy thanksgiving to you too.