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I’m bored, so I decided to do a supafast workout video for those of us who, for whatever reason, own a car in the city. If you’re bored during the hour or so between when you first move your car and when you next move your car, do the following:

- Get a door-mounted pull-up bar
- Pad the everloving shit out of your doorway to prevent leverage-based symmetrical denting on each side of the door frame which will cost your your security deposit
- Do 5 pull-ups with a wide grip, palms forward; 5 with palms neutral (facing one another); and 5 chin-ups (hands close, palms facing you). Swing as little as possible and complete as many sets as you can in an hour. I’m aiming for 15 sets, one every four minutes. The set you see here was #11.
- You can superset this with* good form biceps curls (elbows pressed firmly against your ribs).

*superset = do alternating sets of

Exhale as you pull yourself up; inhale as gravity wrests your mortal vessel earthward.

Be careful, use good form, and lie down immediately if you get lightheaded during exercise. Consult a doctor-person before starting an exercise thingy.

someone buy me a pull-up bar, I’m poor

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