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"Magikarp used splash ….but nothing happened"

It’s just funny.


It’s like a baby in a monster-psychic-cell suit …what’s not to like?


I’m with Misty on this one. Also, I never understood why psychic types are weak to them… really?


Do I even need to explain this one?


"Jynx walks rhythmically, swaying and shaking its hips as if it were dancing. Its motions are so bouncingly alluring, people seeing it are compelled to shake their hips without giving any thought to what they are doing."

It’s basically the prostitute Pokémon

(I missed yesterday, so you guys get two today. Yay?)

Oshawott …again

I know I chose him for my favorite starter, but it can’t be helped. Look at how cute he is.


I’d pull out my massive bike that somehow fits in the trainer’s bag and make a run for it too.


He’s always been one of my favorite pokemon ever since Pokémon: The First Movie

I almost never use legendaries on my team tho.


Tell me it doesn’t look cool. Don’t lie, it looks cool :)

Oh, and it’s a perfect tank.


I mean, c’mon. Look at him. Tell me thats not cute.

Charmander is a very close second tho.


These guys were the reason I never walked into any cave with less than 50 repels. Every 2 steps is a Zubat, and it always uses supersonic, and I’m just like, “WHY!”

Charizard ..I know what you’re thinking, “wow, Jonathon you’re so interesting, choosing a starter as your favorite Pokémon”

Well, I’m sorry but, fire breathing dragon > everything else.