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If there isn’t a fairy type pokemon called masc4masc in the new pokemon game I’m going to be disappointed

What have I done? this is a monster, help.

What have I done? this is a monster, help.

ok, they’re not cool anymore, what the fuck is that?

ok, they’re not cool anymore, what the fuck is that?

So I decided to jump on the pokefusion bandwagon, and I actually got a few that looked cool.. I’d keep a Mutoise in my party.

Pokémon Heart Gold monotype challenge update

I beat the Elite 4!

Even though dragonair was in my party I didn’t actually use it because I felt guilty that it technically isn’t a water type.

Also, now I’m in Kanto with lvl 42 pokemon and I can’t even touch Sabrina :( I don’t want to grind, can a sugar daddy send me 48 rare candies so I can get my team to lvl 50? thanks.

I never sneeze without saying “pika” at least twice first.

Pokemon Heart Gold monotype challenge update


Feraligatr lvl 32

Ice Fang, Crunch, Water Gun, Agility


Gyarados lvl 30

Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister


Quagsire lvl 27

Slam, Mud Bomb, Water Gun, Amnesia


Dratini lvl 27

Dragon Rage, Slam, Thunder Wave, Agility


Vaporeon lvl 26

Surf, Shadow Ball, Water Gun, Quick Attack


Staryu lvl 26

Water Gun, Thunderbolt, Recover, Swift


Gonna move into the Goldenrod City Game Corner until I get a Flamethrower TM so Gyarados can melt Pryce’s face off. I’ll probably update after each gym leader from here out with how I beat them, in case anyone one else wants to do this (plus I like these gifs)

Made it to the burnt tower where the legendaries chill in the basement next to Ho-Ho’s house in my Heart Gold monotype challenge run.

Added a few new members to the team, so it’s time for an update (plus I found animated sprites and want to use them)


Totodile evolved into Croconaw.


Wooper evolved into Quagsire, no more o-face at the start of battle :/


Farmed the pokeathlon yesterday for a waterstone to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon. Luckily had enough sense not to use it until after facing Morty’s Gengar. Would’ve been way harder without my lvl 10 Eevee to tail whip him into exhaustion.


Picked up a Krabby and nicknamed her Cinderella as my HM slave.


annddd a Dratini I rescued from the game corner in Celadon. I know it isn’t a water type, but Dragonite is my favorite pokemon, and it lives in the ocean, and you can only catch one by fishing, and it’s basically a water type, and I wanted it.

I also have a Togepi from the egg prof Elm gives you and a Spearow the guard before Celadon gives you to take to his friend that I’ll use for fly until I get Dragonite, but not using either of them in my party.

Started a new game of HeartGold and I’m only using water type pokemon. I’ve never played HeartGold/SoulSilver or Gold/Silver before, so monotype challenge on my first run should be interesting. :)

I started this on LeafGreen but accidentally overwrote my save file halfway through the game, and now I don’t even want to looks at it anymore.

Here’s my team so far:




and Wooper, because aint nobody got time for electric type.

chespin evolution prediction

Starting a new game of LeafGreen using an all water type team, any suggestions? (other than don’t do it)

So far I’m planning on using

  • Blastoise
  • Gyarados
  • Lapras
  • Dragonite

I know Dragonite technically isn’t a water type, but they’re my favorite pokemon, and they live in the ocean, and that’s water, and I’m justifying it that way, and I don’t care what you say

…but any suggestions for the last 2? I was thinking maybe Vaporeon, or Starmie, or Seadra, or Poliwrath? No specific reasons other than I like those pokemon, not sure which of those to go with.

(Erica and Surge can suck it)